The Printing Industries Craftsmanship and National Print Awards Committee acknowledges with grateful thanks the support of our major sponsors.


Media Super

Whether you’re freelance, full-time, contract or casual, if you’re working in Australia’s print, media, creative or digital sectors then Media Super is for you.

As an industry fund, Media Super is run only to benefit members, so all profits go back to our members to grow their retirement savings as much as possible. We do everything possible to keep the costs of managing our members’ super low, and we don’t pay commissions to financial advisers. We are a public offer fund so anyone can join, whatever your occupation. You can take Media Super with you from job to job and receive contributions to your Media Super account from multiple employers simultaneously.

Although we are the specialist industry super fund for print, media, entertainment and arts professionals, any business making contributions on behalf of its staff can register as an employer with Media Super, regardless of the industry. Anyone in any profession can become a member of Media Super.


Energy Action

Printing can be an energy intensive process. Being hit by increased Energy Prices? Let us help you build a strategy to help reduce costs to remain competitive.

Energy Action help clients understand and take control of their energy needs.  With 16+ years in the industry, we have significant experience working with Retailers to negotiate the most competitive contracts in the current market; Effective tools to manage your contract and ensure you are being charged correctly; Give you visibility on your cost and consumption so you can take control; help identify projects to reduce consumption; and onsite generation projects to help your print business become more self-sufficient.

Timing around going to market can be one of the key factors in getting the best deal – When does your current contract expire?  Don’t leave it until the last minute!


Proactive Surveys

Proactive Surveys provides a simple method of determining customer expectations and satisfaction levels, key issues that could threaten your business and areas where improvements can be made.  Proactive Surveys has been developed in conjunction with printing industry operators  to satisfy the needs of Australian printers. 

Unlike other software products, Proactive Surveys provides automatic email alerts when a customer wants to raise an issue with you. The system also provides a risk assessment on the likelihood of you losing a client. We also provide an executive summary which in an interpretation of the results and recommendations when action should be taken. In addition, Proactive Surveys allows you to compare your performance against your competitors through industry benchmarking. This allows you to identify areas where you need improvement and areas where you perform well.

Your customers are more likely to tell other people about your faults before they tell you. Because we’re independent your customers are more likely to be frank and honest in their response.

A Proactive Survey shows your clients that you care about their opinions. It will help strengthen their loyalty and contribute to customer retention.