Business Awards

1. Media Super Young Executive of the Year Award
Recognises and rewards exceptional employees who show exemplary promise as future leaders in print, packaging and graphic communications sector

2. Future Now
Commitment to Workforce Development

3. Environment Award
Please enter Category 6 - Creative Sustainability Award

4. LIA (WA)
Apprentice of the Year Award presented by the LIA in WA*

5. Lifetime Achievement Award
Printing Industry Award to a long time outstanding contributor to the industry

6. Creative Sustainability Award
Free to all SGP members. Your creative green business initiative

Judges Awards

7. Judges Award
From the wide collection of entries received judges select one special award winner*

General Print

8. One, Two or Three Colour Printing including Duotone
Any printed document or packaging item which is produced by a one or two colour any print process. (Embellishments are not counted as a colour)

9. Leaflets/Folded Leaflets/Flyers or Brochures
Four or more colours on a single sheet - Offset

10. Epson Australia Leaflets, Flyers or Brochures Award
Four or more colours on a single sheet - Digital

11. Presentation Folder
Any number of colours/finishes - Offset or Digital

12. Booklets/Catalogues/Magazines
Offset printed, any number of colours, any cover

13. Booklets/Catalogues/Magazines
Digital printed, any number of colours, any cover

14. Annual Report/Prospectus and Yearbooks
Any format, any number of colours and any number of pages plus cover

15. Calendars
Any format, any number of colours with any binding method

16. Book Printing
Offset - Case Bound

17. Book Printing
Digital - Case Bound

18. Book Printing
Printed in any number of colours - Offset
Bound - Perfect/Notch/PUR/Section Sewn for a square back finish

19. Book Printing
Printed in any number of colours - Digital
Bound - Perfect/Notch/PUR/Section Sewn for a square back finish

20. Book Printing
Printed in any number of colours - Digital or Offset
Bound - Wiro/Spiral/Side Sewn/Interscrews and any other binding method except those mentioned in category 18

21. Stationery Suite
Includes letterheads, business cards and envelopes, in any format. Entry should be as a set (e.g. business cards, letterhead and envelopes)

22. Point of Sale
Posters/Show Cards/Postcards/Mobiles/Wobblers - Any print method

23. Direct Mail
Impact, sensory and direct mail entries may be produced by any method on any substrate. Impact mail is a delivery service that allows customers to send addressed mail items of virtually any shape or design, without the need for an envelope.
Mail items can be made of paper based or a range of other non-paper materials such as rubber, plastic, laminate, vinyl, leather or wool.
Sensory Mail includes items of visual impact (e.g. lenticular printing), smell, taste, sound or touch.
Direct Mail can include any item addressed or unaddressed including marketing and promotional material.

24. Packaging
Any three dimensional packaging (e.g. bags, boxes, bottles, tetra packs), applied product label, wrapping or swing tags. Any printing method on any substrate.

25. Specialty Printing
Printers applying new innovative and current technologies in different way. May include promotional printing, letterpress, architectural printing, glass printing, screen printing, laser etching or textile printing. Any number of colours, any substrate and printing method.


26. Embellishment
Any number of passes or any material including Embossing, Debossing, Die or Forme Cutting and any other enhancement. Includes foil stamp, coating raised and Hi build.


27. Labels - Sheet Fed
Printed flat sheet, any method and any number of colours - Must submit block of four.

28. Labels - Roll Fed
Printed on rolls, any number of colours - Must submit six continuous images.


29. Newspapers

Other Categories

30. Self Promotion
Any item printed, embellished or finished by, or for, any entity, including sole traders, partnerships, and companies etc. that are part of the printing or design industries.

31. Large Format
Printed on any substrate, any printing method. Includes pull up banners, indoor visual, building banners, bus shelter signage, real estate signage etc.

32. 3D Print

33. Regional/Small Business Printing Awards - Print Business up to 12 Employees
The submitted piece must be reasonably printed “in house”. Some outside work acceptable e.g. perfect binding or embossing. (Must declare outside work).

34. Limited Edition
May include any item that is produced in numbered limited quantities e.g. 3 of 1000. The total number must not exceed 1000 copies or less than 10. Any printing method.

35. Australia Post
Best campaign design with the best results. Entries require statistics such as results from campaign (calls, sales, website visits). Includes Stamps, Mail Campaign and Mail Merge.


36. Branding & Identity
Corporate, retail hospitality and fashion.

37. Books, Brochures and Annual Reports

38. Multi Piece Productions and Campaigns
May include: folders, leaflets, ring binders, including indices; printed envelopes including contents; production of three or more items of a consistent theme for the same client, which may include multi-channel digital campaigns.

39. Packaging & Labelling
Any three dimensional packaging, product labels, wrapping or swing tags.

40. Promotion
Anything that doesn’t fit into any other category: calendars, tickets, menus, greeting cards, announcements, posters, invitations, self-promotion etc.

*All entries automatically enter the judges awards #7, and you cannot specifically enter the LIA Apprentice of the Year via the PICA Awards.